@ lolberarians and freedumb lovers of all stripes.

Last time I checked affirmative action is upheld by the state. Sure, it’s not perfect by any stretch, but it does provides chances to the underprivileged.

It could be doing a better job of setting larger non-white quotas or maintaining a more equal fem4l3/male ratio but it’s obviously the only thing that can. How exactly would private entities provide equal opportunity and equal outcome?

A common counter-argument is that economic rationale would dictate that only ‘qualified’ individuals would fill vacancies. But if the real world is anything to go by it’s more than obvious that the business enterprise focuses its vacancies on MEN, both members and quasi-members from the old-boy networks that give birth to said enterprise.

Do exceptions exist? Can private enterprises be fair. Yeah, sure. There are some. But hiring practices aren’t the only issue at hand, there are more grave problems, for now lets just focus on the education system. A system which has been more than reluctant to introduce fair teaching methodologies that cater to both right/left brain ppl and both to womyn and men. How would any of that be addressed under a lolbertarian system? Oh yeah, that’s right it can’t

Your ideology is just a sophisticated and outdated form of male oppression.

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